Human Interaction

In the past few decades, the trajectory of technological advancements has essentially been improving the way human communicates and interacts with machine. We believe that AI will become the next technology to power every experience that we have with the machine.


At this exciting time, is exploring new user experience possibilities ranging from social natural conversations, image recognition, text to AI music.


Islander(島民衛星)Islander satellite, real-time AI analysis system of news and social media.


Yating Transcriber (雅婷逐字稿) is powered by our automatic speech recognition system and transcribe voice to text. It is able to listen to and understand the unique language habit of Taiwanese people. iOS and Android are both available for download.


Yating Pianist (雅婷鋼琴師) improvises and personalize music pieces for you with its automatic music generation capability. iOS and Android are both available for download. is a p2p and crypto social network framework which aims to achieve p2p-styled connection and storage, social network functionality, multi-device management and data privacy. This is an open source project on Github [backend / frontend / PIPs].


We will keep improving the above products/projects and our goal is to build revolutionary products to redefine human relationship with machine.

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